Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve and First Snow!

Having had a new baby join our little family in the middle of the year certainly made it fly byIt's snowing here, so of course I had to grab the camera to capture another one of Cooper's "firsts." 

First snowfall

And don't worry, he was outside for about 10 seconds total.  If you know me, you know mama does not like to be cold.  Cooper didn't seem to mind though in his super sweet snowsuit he received from his GiGi.


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Me and Cooper's First Iowa Christmas

We've been married three years now, and I still had never made it up to Iowa for Christmas- partially because of my nursing career that requires I work every other holiday, and partially because of my paranoia of snow and driving in it.  Iowa gets ALOT of snow.  Not where I live.  Half an inch falls and the entire city turns into a shitshow.  Nevertheless, it did not snow, I did not have to work, so we made the drive without any problems.  I was so happy that we were able to make it up there to spend some time with our family.  Baby Cooper slept the entire way, giving me and dear husband some quality time to talk.

 Seconds before he fell into the tree

 A gift from Intelligent Life Toys- best toy store ever!

 Three generations

 He looks so precious and tiny from the back

 Coop sat up for 45 minutes all by himself, taking it all in

He loves his overalls!

Adorable hat

As usual, our visit went by too fast and we hope to see our family again soon!

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