Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Hubby is One Tough Mudder

The husband has been looking forward to the Tough Mudder for a few months now.  It's basically a huge obstacle course combined with miles of running- I debated about trying it but being shocked by electricity and jumping into a pool of ice water...well, it wasn't high on my priority list this year.

I thought I was being original with Cooper's shirt- apparently they sell onesies that say the same thing (see below!)

Andy and his brother

See him?


Cooper's new thing is the "baby."  It even got muddy!

Run hubby run!

So handsome once he's all cleaned up :)


My sister-in-law is so creative- she always has the cutest party themes.  This was no exception- the Tough Mudder "Recovery Party" with mud themed drink and desserts

 I'm sort of considering doing it next year- there were a ton of women there!  We'll see when the time comes.  Happy Tuesday!


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