Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cooper is TWO!

 Happy 2nd birthday to our sweet boy!  This is last night; we were cuddling before you went to bed.  You still love your mommy (& da da!) so very much.

Your big present was a train table!  You've been playing with it all day.  There's even a little hospital in the town and a nurse figurine, and you keep saying
"mommy wurk"
in your sweet little toddler voice.

You still don't like the TV that much, which is totally fine with us.
Except for Nemo.  Oh, Nemo.  I think we had it on FOUR times today!

"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!"
"Mine, mine!"
"Bye, son"

You've memorized your favorite parts.  So adorable.

 Sorry to say, but I think your time with your "bo bos" is coming to an end.  Ha ha.  

You had a huge accomplishment today!  You did #2 on the potty like a big boy!  I will spare you the details, but basically, you said "poopy,"  we ran and got the potty, and you did it!  We haven't even been trying to potty train!  I think you were pretty proud of yourself :)

 It was in the 90s today, so we went to CEC tonight to let you ride the "neigh neighs" and run around for a bit.

We love you so much, sweetie.  It's amazing how much you've learned since last year!  You've been obsessed with your books, then "fishy ishy ishies," and  ever since we went to "Florrrriiii- da!" you have been talking SO much.  You copy everything we say, and you repeat it back to us in the sweetest little voice ever!  I wish I could just bottle you up :)  You started climbing out of your crib a few weeks ago, so your dad and I are talking about your big boy room.  I think you will be excited to sleep in a real bed!

Your hair is still the talk of the town, ha ha.  People stop us literally EVERYWHERE we go and comment about how much they love it.  We tell them it matches your wild outgoing personality ;)

We love you.  Happy birthday, son!

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