Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Recap- Family time

Luckily, this year I was off work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, which made it extra special to celebrate.  My plans included my jammies, a lot of Christmas music and watching Christmas Vacation.  We decided we had the obligatory duty to take Cooper to "see Santa," or in other words, destroy Bass Pro in a matter of minutes and scream at the guy with the beard.  

 Cooper's new thing- "fish ishy ish ish"


The actual picture just went downhill from here :)

Andy took my little Coop up to Iowa the week before Christmas (I'm now on a weekend option night schedule, so I couldn't make it)

As soon as they got home, we took the celebration over to my grandma's new villa.  We loved making new memories in her new home.  She even bought Cooper a slide so he'd have something to keep him entertained :)   And yes, my child did wear the exact same Christmas outfit to all of our celebrations ;)

 Standing on some presents

Happy belated birthday to my hubby!
Whew, we haven't even made it to Christmas Day yet!

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