Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Maternity leave is ending soon...

With my maternity leave coming to an end very soon (13 days; nooooooo!) I figure I better get my butt in gear and organize all of the photos I've taken of Cooper over the last 10 weeks.  Somehow I've narrowed it down to 300ish shots, not to mention the ridiculous amount I've taken with my iphone.  Each second is more adorable than the last, so I cannot stop with the camera.  I've tried to put it away, but it doesn't stay in it's place for longer than a few hours.  Especially with all of the smiles we're getting these days...

Ten weeks old at GiGi's and Grandpa's
So, here come the photos...

My dad made this awesome banner to welcome us home~ I look horrid, but this shows what an unplanned c-section, a million bags of IV fluids and four days in the hospital
will do to you!

It was a beautiful day, so we went right out to the deck

Grandpa and Grandma were in town to visit for the week

Two of my best friends- Jenny, pregnant with baby Braden (born 8/3/12) and Sara,
 pregnant with Alana (born 8/27/12)

 My mom (GiGi)
My daddy

Cooper LOVES listening to great-grandma talk to him

Cooper in his Fourth of July outfit

Well, that covers the first week (almost!)  We'll save the birth/hospital stay for another post...

  ~ Heather

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