Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wait? It's February?!?

Bad blogger!  Another month has gone by without posting.  I promise I haven't been leisurely hanging out around the house sipping martinis... this girl has been B.U.S.Y.  

As if signing up for online classes at SLU to complete my BSN wasn't crazy enough (hey, my work is paying for it!) I signed up for an extra twelve hour shift every week for the month of February.  I must be asking for a mental breakdown.

I have to remind myself that I actually enjoy blogging in my spare time.  It's so fun to read old posts.  It's like the coolest diary I've ever had.  So what if no one ever reads it.  I'm not even sure my dear husband knows how to find it.

Little Cooper is doing crazy things.  Like every day!  Last week he randomly started chatting 


and has learned how to sit up from laying down.  This makes putting him in his crib interesting.  I'm pretty sure he may just crawl on out of there.  Speaking of crawling, he has been rocking back and forth for weeks now.  He gets around with a combo of rolling and leaning forward, then sitting back a different direction.  My dad has been giving him "crawling lessons" every weekend.  Cooper loves it!

Well, Valentine's Day is this week!  I am hoping to post more soon!

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